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The 2X CEO

As a woman entrepreneur, you’re not just growing your business: you’re growing as a leader, too. Going from a startup founder to the CEO of an established business is an amazing journey filled with new and challenging territory. Let host Bernie Dixon, founder of Launchpad2X, Atlanta’s successful non-profit accelerator for women entrepreneurs, point the way. Every other week, The 2X CEO Podcast brings you a magazine of insights from expert interviews, valuable resources in Q&A with Bernie, and inspiration from women entrepreneurs who share how they win. Whether you’re starting your own business or developing as a leader in the corporate world, the 2X CEO’s expert interviews, Q&A, and day-in-the-life of an entrepreneur will fuel your success. Show notes are available at

Sep 3, 2019

Bernie interviews Marguerite Pressley Davis, a successful entrepreneur who now offers financial coaching to other women entrepreneurs. Marguerite talks about the bridal subscription box company she started, and then she talks about how to negotiate partnerships and what you need to know before you contact a potential...

Aug 7, 2019

Sara Webb is founder and CEO of InTandem Promotions, a promotional products company based in Georgia. In six years, Sara's grown InTandem into a multi-million dollar business. She shares how she built confidence by taking leaps of faith and gaining new experiences.

Aug 6, 2019

Entrepreneur and pediatric nurse practitioner Shadé Reid is ready to bring on a chief technology officer to help build the tech platform for her company, HealthCares. She asks Bernie how to compensate her CTO with equity and how to structure a compensation schedule. 

Aug 5, 2019

Mary Moore started The Cook's Warehouse, a group of gourmet kitchen stores with cooking classes, in 1995. Over the 25 years The Cook's Warehouse has been in business, she has expanded, closed stores, moved, and adjusted her strategy multiple times. She sits with Bernie Dixon to talk about how her confidence as...