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The 2X CEO

As a woman entrepreneur, you’re not just growing your business: you’re growing as a leader, too. Going from a startup founder to the CEO of an established business is an amazing journey filled with new and challenging territory. Let host Bernie Dixon, founder of Launchpad2X, Atlanta’s successful non-profit accelerator for women entrepreneurs, point the way. Every other week, The 2X CEO Podcast brings you a magazine of insights from expert interviews, valuable resources in Q&A with Bernie, and inspiration from women entrepreneurs who share how they win. Whether you’re starting your own business or developing as a leader in the corporate world, the 2X CEO’s expert interviews, Q&A, and day-in-the-life of an entrepreneur will fuel your success. Show notes are available at

Apr 3, 2019

While your company is a startup, you may find yourself doing media relations for your business. It's important to know what interests editors, how to contact them, and how to build a good relationship. Holly Beilin is the editor-in-chief of Hypepotamus, a online news magazine about the entrepreneurial scene in the Southeast. She shares some important “dos” and “don’ts” for founders who find themselves wearing the publicist hat.